Injection moulding

Through the years, we have gained a lot of experience in the division of injection moulding technology and are now regarded as a specialist for multi-component technology around the world.

Our range of services includes the following main areas:

  • up to 3-component injection moulding
  • with hard-soft or hard-hard components
  • with 3 colour technology
  • with MID technology
  • robot applications
  • with subsequent finishing of the components
    • electroplating
    • selective electroplating
    • painting
  • precision injection moulding
  • with articles weighing 0.1 – 150 g
  • on 29 injection moulding machines
  • with mechanical clamping forwards of 25 – 260 t
  • testing of tools through to mass production
  • technically high-quality plastics (glass fibre reinforced, electroconductive, heat resistant V-0)
  • variothermal process possible
    • light guides
    • glass optics trim parts