Tool making

The full service package we offer our customers includes a seamless service concept starting with planning, to construction and tool manufacture through to the production of parts. Smooth operations are made possible as a result of the latest and most efficient technology.

Construction and production of customer-specific solutions in the area of single and multiple-component technology by means of:

  • Rotary table, index table technology or core-back solutions and all this in the case of three tool sizes ranging from 1000 to 800 mm and weight of up to 4 tonnes
  • Fully-automated process from the creation of electrodes through to measured use
  • An internal network with special software ensures smooth data transfer between construction and manufacture
  • Latest measuring devices enable an accurate control of the tools
  • Complete order creation and control by means of an
  • ERP/PPMS system
  • Project planning by means of detailed APQP documentation incl. the associated time schedules

Our product range mainly includes tools for:

  • 2C, 3C, and 4C items of the automotive, electronics and medical industry: 3C and 4C thumb wheels/buttons/rotary knobs – even chrome plated
  • Roof modules/displays/bezels in 2C (skin technology/depth effect)
  • 2C and 3C light guides
  • 1C and 2C bezels for radio and climate controls – even available in high gloss
  • 2C roller blinds for centre consoles
  • Complex guide frames/subassemblies
  • Housing for the electronics industry with conductive plastics as well as high-filled and V-0 plastics
  • Multicolour blanks for dentistry
  • 3C chrome plated parts + highly complex 3C parts
  • Light guides
  • Glass surfaces
  • Black panel and high gloss